Over The Last Few Days We Have Been Updating Software Packages And Our Core Files On The Server, This Has Involved Restarting Services And Sometimes Rebooting The Server

Although We Are Trying To Make Sure There Is No Outages With Our Services, There Has Been A Few Times Its Taken A Little Longer For The Server To Be Put Back Online, This Is Due To  The Software's Updating And Re Syncing

We Understand This Can Sometimes Be Frustrating Which Is Why We Aim To Have Most Work Done During Quiet Periods ( Between 2am - 6am UK Time ), This Sometimes However Can Not Be Helped When 3rd Party Support Come In To Update There Software And Core Files, Especially As Some Are Not UK Based.

This Is An Ongoing Announcement, As Software's Are Constantly Revolving But We Will Always Try To Make Sure Our Clients Have As Little Disruptions As Possible


Sales & Technical Support,
Extreme Web & Radio Services & Solutions.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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