We have updated our radio software today as centova released an upgrade to sync with php5, this fixes a number of issues in v2.2.6 and introduces a few minor features while we prepare for the imminent release of v3.0.

he following is a complete list of changes included in Centova Cast v2.2.7:

New Features
Added PHP v5.4 support
Added log purge option on Event Log page
Added missing ISO-8859-* character sets to character set lists

Fixes and Improvements
Digits are now left intact in album names when importing media
Suppressed PHP warning messages when importing media with bad ID3 tags
Fixed infinite loop if a spawned app dies while communicating with Centova Cast
Fixed playlist scheduling issue when client time zone differed from server zone
Reseller album cover settings are now honored in recent tracks widget
Fixed bug with reseller listener slot allocations
Fixed error when resellers attempt to login to Centova Cast via WHMCS
Correct account templates are now displayed/used when creating accounts via SSO.

As always if you experience any issues with your services or find any bugs after this upgrade please submit a ticket from your client area.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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