FREE SHOUTcast & ICEcast Flash Players!

Our FREE SHOUTcast & ICEcast player enables your online radio station to embed our FREE SHOUTcast & ICEcast flash player into your website. Our special technology of advanced stream overlay functions prevents memory leak issues and the FREE ICEcast flash player is cross-browser compatible. Best of all no downloads! Just enter your ICEcast stream url and cut and paste the code into your site!

If you want to use the FREE ICEcast flash player and embed in your site, you can use this form to generate the HTML code for your online radio station site:


Please remember to select a skin even if you use the example generation code, it will NOT generate without a skin choice.

All we ask for the use of this player is that you link back to from your website.

Stream URL:
Play Introduction Audio File:
Stream Name: Audio Codec:
Skin: Welcome Message:
Language: Initial Volume: %
Auto-Play: Flash WMode:
Enable Tracking: Enable JS Events:
Buffering Time:
Background Color:




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